Members are encouraged to organize workshops. Small workshops are envisioned as one-day events that attract people in the proximity as well as those that are willing to travel further (to the extent that they can be accommodated by local seating capacity). While a workshop can be focused on a particular themes within the area of search and matching, we particularly encourage open workshops that facilitate the exchange of recent research in this area at large. A format that has proven well is to have a balanced mix between local contributions, contributions from members further away, and from graduate students. Workshops should allow half of the presenters to be selected from an open call. We also encourage the organization of larger multi-day workshops focused on particular themes within the area of search and matching. These have more scope for distant members to attend. It is important to announce workshops sufficiently in advance so members can arrange travel in time.

If you wish to organize a SaM event please complete the following submission form and send it by email to ""

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